What goes bump in the night.

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Tayler Carver/ Pre-law/Snhu / 508/ 603


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How I get into bed every night 

It won’t kill you to let me get close to you.

I want someone to pour their heart out to me

Show me how important I am. Why I am even somewhat remotely important to this world. I wonder that all the time. Questioning the meaning of life. But meaning is defined differently by everyone who is living their own. It is defined differently; because hopefully we are all here for different reasons. 

But I hope that the main reason is to find soul tranquillity and pure happiness. 


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Happy October!

Sorry not sorry

The trigga album still bumps for me haha too good 

You’re a fucking coward.

Let me get this straight.

You came over. To have sex with me. 
After you got your way. twice. You insist on leaving 
Only to find out that you are talking to another girl
Behind my back? 

Nope. Not today 
Not ever 

I am blessed

So blessed. To be myself. To go to this school. To have the people in my life that I adore. Im blessed to be molded into a fighter the way my mother is and a hard worker like my father. 

Im a fighter. Im independant. Im blessed.