What goes bump in the night.

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I hate when girls act like boys. Its not gunna make him like you. You’re annoying and please stop 


I can’t wait to be back at school because then I can get away from my mother. Other girls bitch about their mothers; but none take the cake the way mine does. Not only does she recycle the hostility and anger that she holds against her mother and from her mother but she adores treating me like I am her and her age. Listen up lady; we have ten times the life you lived when you were my age, and surprise Im NOT pregnant the way you were with my sister at my age. Unlike you, I have a life I am working toward and it kills me to listen to you over and over tell me Im fucking your life up and mine. You’re right, you do suck as a mother. 
All you are doing is pushing me away more and more. 

no, you do not get to be a part of my tattoo. No, you do not deserve a spot there because you gave me life. My father will be a part of the tattoo because he does everything you should have be doing. 
Once you have EARNED a spot on my body, you will receive one. Until then 

Go fuck yourself. Because Im finished with attempting to fix this broken relationship. 

This morning was the most beautiful thing I have had in a very long time.

To say the very least this morning was so perfect. 
So innocent, so purely relaxing. 
I never wanted to hear that alarm clock go off. I wanted you and I to stay in that moment for longer. Maybe that was why I hold it close. I knew it wouldn’t last forever. 
The second that I heard you turn the alarm off and felt your arms wrap around my body. The only thing that mattered was you whispering “baby, it’s time to wake up” and the light touch of your kiss on my shoulder blade was enough to make me melt into the bed. 
For some reason that moment can’t be ruined in my mind. No matter what. 

Fuck you. My body is perfect.


Perks of Dating Me:

  • I don’t go anywhere, so we can always hangout
  • I’m too ugly to cheat on you
  • Sometimes i’m funny
  • I live near a pizza restaurant

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    These are my favorite parents in any movie ever.

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she wants him to ram the soul out her body